Location: Plot 69, Police Road, Adyel Division, Lira City – Uganda.

  • Raising Peace Ambassadors

    Children of Peace Uganda

  • Who We Are

    Children of Peace - Uganda (CPU) is an initiative solely dedicated to promote Human security of children, youths and communities directly affected by the insurgency of the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) war in Northern and North-Eastern Uganda.

  • What We Do

    Our strategic objectives are set to help children, youths and communities directly affected by LRA war and other armed  conflicts in Northern and North East parts of Uganda.

  • Psycho-Social Support and Peace Building

  • Education Sponsorship and Community Sensitization

  • Access to Health, Water, Sanitation and Conservation of Environment

  • Livelihood Support Through Economic Productivity

  • Advocacy

    Raising Peace Ambassadors

    Helping children forgive those who harmed them and to unite as a community and to continue their education, which was often cut short by their war experiences. 

    Our Mission

    To promote, Human Security through holistic approach to social development.

    Our Vision

    A Peaceful, healthy and Self Sustaining community
    Jane Ekayu CEO & Founder

    “Someone hurt them somewhere, and it was not dealt with. If we do not deal with the anger that has been injected into the children and youths, it’s most likely to blow up somewhere else, hurting others. So that’s why we talk about forgiveness, we sing about forgiveness—we will draw it, we will dance, we will do everything until it reaches the hearts of these people.”

    Lawrence Former Child Soldier

    “Forgiveness is a master key to life. If you don’t forgive, it means you are killing yourself; you don’t have peace. But now we are different people, we are not child soldiers any more, we are not the rebels anymore. We are peace ambassadors today.”

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      Children of Peace Uganda, (CPU)

      Plot 69, Police Road, Adyel Division,

      P. O. Box 690, Lira City – Uganda.

      Tel: +256 775133637   |  +256759602030

      Email: info@childrenofpeaceuganda.org

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      Children of Peace Uganda is registered with the National NGO Bureau, Lira District Local Government and it’s a member of Lira NGO Forum

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